Whether your dining room is formal or informal, and you live in a cottage on the coast, or in a downtown loft, a log cabin in the mountains, or a ranch in the West, wall upholstery is a great option for walls in all homes.

In fact, we found in various style of interiors such as eclectic, mediterranean, farmhouse, and everything in between.
Some people may believe that fabric on walls does not fit at all in contemporary or modern homes.  Actually, I can prove, it is not the case and fabric is not the issue. But only the way it is installed and finished.

For instance, you need stretched cloth without any fancy decorative trimmings. That is what makes a big difference. A clean and simple installation works very well in these homes. Throughout this website, 99.9% of our photos are clean edge wall upholstery. You can view a few more pictures in Houzz. A project folder with bedroom images, home theater, closet and dining room wall ideas in contemporary interiors.
Also remember, it is the type of fabric which set the style or theme in a dining room.

Click on the slider to view several dining areas with wall to wall upholstery installed by our company V.E. THOMAN. Unfortunately, the walls are bare and rooms empty. Most of times, pictures are taken before the furnishing is in place. Therefore, you have to imagine the finished room with a table, chairs, dresser, paintings and more.

Fabric for dining area

If you need advise with your selection of fabric, feel free to contact us. We’ll let you know if it is suitable for wall upholstery. Send us a fabric sample . To our Austonian customers, call us, we will gladly meet and see your project through on site.

A few year ago, we installed fabric in a dining room in Austin. The client’s inspiration came from a restaurant. Read this story on the blog.

Have fun looking at dining room wall upholstery, from printed patterns to solid colors on walls and ceilings.

  • Dining room, fabric ideas Damask in silk mix fiber, printed motifs or tons and tons linen fabric
  • Elegante statement Choose large pattern repeat, search for texture
  • Formal space for entertaiment