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Dressing up wall with elegance

VETHOMAN is a wall upholstery company known for creating impressive fabric walls using highly innovative, unique technology.
Professionals and clients sought after the firm experience and ability to install clean edge wall upholstery.
Without a doubt, V E THOMAN has built a reputation for a savoir-faire in wall upholstery. This business is famous for excellent fitting technique, attention to details, and awesome services.
The owner works alongside of Interiors Designers, Builders, Architects, and Homeowners too. As a result, the leading team travel nationwide to fulfill the need of their clients.

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The leading team

Eric Thoman is the founder of VE THOMAN. Eric is born in Colorado and raised in Paris, France, where he learned his trade as a Master Craftsman. He studied several years at Ecole d’ Ameublement de Paris, Ecole de la Bonne Graine. He acquired an extensive experience working for the finest workshop. Among, the list of famous historic monuments in Europe, Eric’s work is visible at Château de Fontainebleau, La Malmaison. He also travelled in the Middle East, in Bahrain, the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.
Meanwhile Eric’s passion for wall upholstery grew. As an expert in his field, he was driven by a mission to enhance the fitting technique used in his industry. He understood that the key to providing high-quality results was in perfecting the technique used to install fabric walls. His goal was not simply to achieve satisfactory results, but to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results that would leave his clients impressed and satisfied. At the present time, Eric runs is company installing the best clean edge wall upholstery. Take the time to read Reviews from a few clients.

Decor with A French Touch

Véronique Thoman born in France is equally a qualified upholsterer. She has a vast experience in the world of refined soft furnishings. She is creative, passionate about textiles.
Upon completing her training in France, she moved to England and worked for interior designers in London, England and Luxembourg. Twelve years later, Véronique came back to France and had the opportunity to work at the Queen’s theater in Versailles. It is in Paris, she would meet her future husband. Soon after, they both moved to Morocco upholstering antique furniture for the Royal Palace of Marrakech. Then went on to Casablanca to manage the Upholstery Department for the King’s palaces.
After spending some time in Africa, they came back in 2005 to the United States.
They launched a new business in Connecticut specializing in Wall Upholstery Installation. After building a significant client base, the couple moved to East Texas. From north to south, the company takes on projects in many cities in the Lone Star state.

fabric installation made by a company vethoman

Wall upholstery installation for beautiful homes in the United States

Traveling across the United States of America for the purpose of fabric installation is both a thrilling and rewarding experience. Certainly some that will be cherished and remembered for many years to come.

VETHOMAN installs fabric for homes and businesses using quality materials and equipment. We’re dedicated to excellent customer support and timely service. From customized fabric walls to bespoke installations, we are confident that our business will provide a unique and innovative solution that meets all of your needs.
Thank you for considering us as your go-to source for fabric walls.