Custom-made acoustical solutions

Are you looking for an acoustical solutions in a fabric panel project? Or you may already have the specifics for this job but need an installer. If you are an architect or an interior designer, please send us your plans.

We supply the fabric, acoustical infill of all kinds for the sound absorption, then select a fabric track system and install them to your custom specifications. For all residential wall upholstery demanding acoustic surface, we work with our Clean Edge System tracks. A line of slim tracks design for homes.
On the other end, a commercial project requires another track to work with acoustical fabric panels. Lets take a closer look at the service offered for both types of installation.

acoustical solutions fabric walls
Sound absorbent fabrics

Sound transparent fabrics for commercial

Firstly, we guide through this step of choosing the proper textile for the wall surface. However, a client may have already selected her or his fabric. In this case, we will tell you if it is appropriate for stretching on walls.

Whether the fabric needs stretching on acoustical fabric panels, wall to wall or over speakers, we advise for the right selection. For instance, Guilford of Maine has many woven textiles. In fact, this supplier provides fabrics for all type of wall surfaces like hospitality and office markets. Commercial projects such as recording studios call for high-performance textiles. Some sound absorbing fabric work over speaker grills and diffusers, and bass traps.

Acoustical boards for wall upholstery
Acoustical layer

Acoustical solutions on the wall surface.

Secondly under the fabric, there is the acoustical layer. For example, we work with Owens Corning insulation products such as type 703, 705. However other sound absorbent acoustical solutions are possible like takable or, eco-friendly materials. The depth of the insulation does vary on the result you wish to obtain.

Stretching the fabric in a frame or a track

Fabric track system - commercial
Commercial tracks

The last product is the fabric track system. The track is like a frame upon which the fabric is stretched on. It is selected for working with, the infill product and the visual finish. Customs built out are sometimes necessary for achieving depth over 2″ deep.

For a commercial project, we work with the second line of tracks. VE THOMAN is a FabriTRAK® systems installer and distributor for the territory from Austin to Houston including San Antonio area. FabriTRAK® products are available in round edge, square edge and bevel edge details in sizes ranging from ⅜″ to 2″. Note that PVC free alternative is a possibility also.

Residential solution in homes

On the other hand, a residential project has different requirements and, demands a flexible product. It is why our company uses a slimmer track ready for all challenges in homes. This unique track fits in a home. The result is a custom-made clean edge wall upholstery with a smooth wall surface. Do you need to see some pictures? This website has upholstered walls images everywhere.

residential upholstery tracks
Residential tracks

If you wish to improve the sound inside a room like an echo, absorption is the way to go. A cloth and a layer of padding will absorb the sound, and not reflect it.
In conclusion, wall upholstery tracks will be brief. VETHOMAN installations are clean and simple.

-A slim track that fits around all framings and, also by busy moldings.
-A layer of friendly cotton padding for an upholstered effect and sound abatement too.
-Then, the fabric of your choice.

Every installation is custom-made to fit in a home. So, if you wish for something special, let us know. We are here to make your ideas come true. Each fabric installation is unique. Some are more challenges than others. But let us take care of that. We love a good challenge!

To summarize, an acoustical surface for home has these 3 elements: fabric, insulation and a track system.
An installation fits wall to wall, on individual acoustical fabric panels or, in a series.
Also, there is the possibility for stretching on a single wall, or a partial to a full ceiling.

Other options are available. For example, acoustical cloud and custom printed art. Tell us what you wish to achieve in your space.
Are you planning to have sound absorption in fabric walls in a home or in a commercial building?