Custom-made acoustical solutions

Looking for acoustical solutions in a wall upholstery project? Or you may already have the specifics for this job but need an installer. If you are an architect or an interior designer, please send us your plans.

We supply the fabric, acoustical infill of all kinds, select a fabric track system and install them to your custom specifications. For all residential wall upholstery demanding acoustical solutions, we work with our Clean Edge System tracks. A line of special tracks designed for residential installation. Commercial project requires another type of tracks.

Lets look closely at the service we offer, for both type of installation.

Sound transparent fabrics

acoustical solutions fabric walls


Firstly, we guide through this step of choosing the proper textile for the wall surface. Whether the fabric needs stretching on acoustical wall panels, wall to wall or over speakers, we advise for the right selection. For instance, a popular supplier such as Guilford of Maine has a large library of woven textiles. In fact, Guilford of Maine provides fabrics for all type of wall surface like hospitality, and office markets. Commercial projects such as recording studios call for high performance textiles. However, a homeowner may have already selected her or his own fabric too. We will tell you if it is appropriate.

Acoustical solutions behind the fabricAcoustical boards for wall upholstery

Secondly under the fabric, is the acoustical layer. For example, we work with Owens Corning insulation products such type 703, 705. However other noise absorbent acoustical solutions are possible like takable or, eco-friendly materials. The depth of the insulation does vary on the result you wish to obtain.

Stretching the fabric in a frame
Fabric track system - commercial
Commercial project – FabriTrak system

The last product is the fabric track system. The track is like a frame upon which the fabric is stretched on. It is selected for working with both, the infill product and the visual finish. Customs built out are sometimes necessary for achieving depth over 2″ deep.

For commercial project, we work with a special line of tracks. V.E. THOMAN is a FabriTRAK® systems installer and distributor for the territory from Austin to Houston including San Antonio area. FabriTRAK® products are available in round edge, square edge and bevel edge details in sizes ranging from ⅜″ to 2″. Note that PVC free alternatives are also a possibility.

residential upholstery tracks
Residential wall upholstery tracks


On the other hand, residential project have different requirements and, demands a flexible product. It’s why our company uses a slimmer track ready for all challenges in homes. This unique track fits everywhere in a home. The end result is a custom-made clean edge wall upholstery with smooth surface. Need to see some pictures? This website is full upholstered walls’ images.



To summarize, acoustic fabric walls have these elements, fabric, insulation and a track system. A fabric installation is fitted wall to wall, on individual panels or, a series of panels. Also, you have the possibility for stretching a fabric on partial to full ceiling.

Other options would be to add acoustical cloud and custom printed art. Tell us about what you do wish to achieve in your space. Are you planning to have upholstered walls in a home or a public zone in a company?