Today, homeowners are searching for upholstered wall services with a simple and clean finish for their contemporary residence.
upholstered wall servicesIf you are thinking of having a room or several rooms with fabric on walls, this is the place to investigate. VE THOMAN may have the answer. The company installs elegant wall upholstery using an excellent fabric wall system

Have you heard of clean edge wall upholstery?
It is simply wall upholstery installed without any fancy decorative braid and nails around the perimeter of the room. This type of installation is well adapted to fit in any style of homes, especially in modern interiors. Clean edge wall upholstery goes everywhere, in a basic room to very busy spaces. With this unique method, V.E. THOMAN transforms walls and ceilings in high-end homes from coast to coast.

What to expect from Upholstered wall services

Eric THOMAN, the owner has a vast experience installing clean edge wall upholstery. He has the ability to create amazing fabric walls. He has spent years improving the fitting technique. Wall upholstery is his passion and he delivers. Eric installs wall upholstery in the most difficult spaces. To prove it, he invites you to see at the media available in his website.
In the portfolio, many projects present rooms with interesting challenges. Take the time to look at the videos too.
Some spaces require additional sound absorbing material from half inch to several inches. For example, they do install these special sound barrier boards in home theaters. Several options are possible for acoustical home walls.
VE THOMAN provides quality installation, and offers impeccable upholstered wall services.
An increasing number of clients recognize Eric’s talent. A few professionals have kindly left a few reviews on Houzz.

A little of history before our upholstered wall services

Did you know that Wall upholstery started as portable hangings?
During the medieval period countries like France, Holland, Germany, England or Italy had Kings and Queens’s living in cold interiors. In order to make their stone castle warmer and more comfortable, tapestries were hung across the doorways.
Also, bedrooms had hangings made from woven wool or linen. These heavy cloths were fitted behind and around the posts of the bed keeping the cold away.
Because of their travels, nobility contributed to the spreading of tapestries for the walls. At the same time, many hangings or fabrics were introduced to other countries.

In the 17 century, people stopped gradually to be on the move, settling in their homes. Consequently portable hangings became permanent. The European practice of applying fabric on walls dates from that period.
The homes of the wealthy in the eighteen century had great interiors with furnitures, fabric wall coverings, curtains, blending together. Emperors, tsar, princes had magnificent fabrics in their interiors. Still, we can admire some in few palaces and castles across Europe. In France, you have the famous Chateau de Versailles, and Chateau de Fontainebleau. Further east in Vienna, Austria, the Schönbrunn Palace. Traditionally use to decorate the homes of the aristocracy, wall upholstery remains an art form that requires skilled craftsmanship.

Wall upholstery today

With the creation of man made materials, wall upholstery tracks are now replacing tacks. As a result, upholstery has evolved for other fitting techniques. Most of tracks are very good for commercial installation but they will not work well in residential interiors. Due to their sizes, they have limitations. Please take the time to compare all of products.

Finally, keep in mind that wall upholstery is a specialty trade performed by qualified upholsterers. Choose your contractor carefully. Please, do review the pictures or videos in this website. In fact, they know, you will enjoy them.
And when you are ready to use VE THOMAN’s upholstered wall services, call or email!

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