Our wall upholstery portfolio has a lot of pictures of various style of interiors. We invite you to view images and videos of our work. Get some ideas. Flick through all the sliders room by room.
For further inspiration, the gallery gives you plenty of ideas for any future projects. See them all below. ⇓
Look at beautiful rooms with walls in solid color fabrics, in stripes, checks or patterns. We install many types of upholstery fabric, from a simple fabric to the most precious cloths. Here are some fabric manufacturers; Ralph Lauren, Lee Jofa, Rogers & Goffigon, Holland & Sherry, and Sterling & King. Furthermore, we have worked with Pierre Frey fabric, Braquenier, Charles Burger, Sabina Fay Braxton just to name a few more.

What will you see in our wall upholstery portfolio.

Wall upholstery is found on walls and ceilings. The fabric stretches from wall to wall. Fitted on flat ceiling or cathedral ceiling. In fact, there are a few examples of interesting ceilings in the porfolio. We also create a panel effect that is often seen in home theaters. In general, the fabric starts from floor to ceiling or from chair rail to ceiling. But, each room is different in width, height, length, with sometimes odd ceiling shapes. Given these points, you decide which wall upholstery method is best.
V.E.THOMAN fitting system makes beautiful clean edge finish on the fabric. For one thing, our clients have this product fitted in their contemporary or modern interiors. Moreover, V.E.THOMAN installs clean edge wall upholstery wherever is needed. Since installation service is available across the United States. We accept many kind of challenges. Of course, you are welcome to ask us any questions on this topic.
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Wall upholstery projects