shop wall upholstery supplies

Shop wall upholstery supplies


All professional such as installers, drapery workroom, and upholsterer can shop wall upholstery supplies. These products made for residential installation are the only one on the market. VETHOMAN has the exclusivity of this line of upholstery. This is an excellent news because no suppliers in the United States has upholstery tracks like these.

Shop wall upholstery supplies: Two tracks easy to install.

Today, there are two different way to install fabric on walls. You have the option with or without trimmings around the moldings. You decide which track is good for your job.
Our best seller is the Clean edge system track. A new generation of system made for modern interiors. What is it about this new track? It does offer much more than the tradition tracks. Let’s go through the list:

  1. Clean edge system is very slim with only ¼ inch in thickness.
  2. It is easily cut, even in the smallest pieces. We have video to prove it.
  3. The track has an amazing flexibility which means you can use it around arch window or doors.
  4. You can work with the fabric by pulling it out of the track to re-position it.
  5. Lastly, CES has a white color, very discrete under light fabric.

Shop wall upholstery supplies: hand tools.

The name of our second track is Contour wall system. If you have a project which has braid of decorative nails, we recommend this one. Many people like it because it does not slip when stapled to the wall. And the slat is white plastic.

In addition to the upholstery tracks, we have the proper hand tools. There are four spatulas to use in at time during an installation.

To conclude, there is everything you need in one place. Go go and start to shop wall upholstery supplies.