All professional such as installers, drapery workroom, and upholsterer can shop wall upholstery supplies. These products made for residential installation are rare one on the market.
VETHOMAN has an exclusive line of upholstery tracks and tools. This is an excellent news because no suppliers has upholstery tracks like these.

Today, there are two different way to install fabric on walls. The options are with or without trimmings around the moldings.
We are presenting them here with their advantages. Then you decide what supplies you need for your project .

Professional products for installers

Clean and simple method
There is a new generation of system to use in modern interiors. The system called Clean Edge System produces Clean Edge Wall upholstery. And 100% of images in our portfolio show rooms with this type of installation.
What is it about this new method? It does offer much more than the tradition tracks.
Let’s go through the list:

  • Clean edge system is very slim track with only ¼ inch in thickness. So, it take very little space.
  • There is no apparent white edges. We have pictures and videos to prove it.
  • The track has an amazing flexibility which means it works around arch window or doors.
    Perfect for interiors with complex frames.
  • The fabric holds with the track and it is a great thing. Since staples are non existent, the fabric does not have any damage. Therefore we do get a clean finish.
  • Lastly, CES has a white color, very discrete under light fabric.

The traditional way of stretching a fabric

For the second type of finish, we mentioned above, the addition of some type of trim on the edge of the room.
This means you will get a traditional upholstered wall look. But there is an update with the product. We have a basic track named Contour Wall System.

  • Contour takes also ¼ thick like the track above.
  • The wooden slat is replaced by a white polymer track.
  • There will be no table-saw and no more sawdust in the room. That method requires stapling the fabric onto the track but staples are easy to remove.
  • Instead of flat braid, decorative nails are a good option and fit well over the staples.

If you have a project which has braid of decorative nails, we recommend this one. Many people like it because it does not slip when stapled to the wall.

To conclude, there is everything you need in one place. Not only tracks but special hand tools and a padding too. Go to and shop for wall upholstery supplies.

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