Powder room wall ideas using fabrics starts here. It is a great and fun space for wall upholstery. In fact, the most visited room in the house by you and your guests. And one of the smallest space in a home. Many homeowners have this room upholstered in a variety of fabrics. From solid colors to printed or woven fabrics, these walls are generally colorful.
Another fabric option is either a check, tartan or plaid, and windowpane check in different sizes. Ralph Lauren fabric’s is among some of the cloth presented on this page.
A room is sometimes by itself as one space with the vanity and W.C. Or It is divided in 2 separate spaces; Powder room and toilet. In most cases, the fabric starts above the wainscot line or even higher.

New ideas for upholstered walls

See what these rooms look like after wall upholstery installation. You will notice that no decorative trimmings such as flat braid, or double welt are our project. CES track creates a clean finish around all the moldings. This means that if you have a contemporary or modern interior, wall upholstery still is a great option for walls in your powder room.The fabric stops against the wooden frame giving the same finish as wallpaper. See close up picture in the slider.

For more information about clean edge installation, we have made more videos on other rooms, feel free to watch them at your own paste.

If you have a powder room or a bathroom, contact us, by writing, or call us at 512-539-9743. We will be happy to install the fabric in your little space. Here is a tip, be bold and creative too.

From time to time, we upload images of new wall upholstery projects. So come back and visit our site.
A powder room is a small space not easy to photograph. Please excuse us, if there are not many pictures showing the entire room.

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