Acoustical walls in special rooms

Where do we install acoustical home walls?
The most popular space is a media room or home theater. After that comes the bedroom and music room also called entertainment space. However, acoustic wall treatments may be install where sound bouncing is an issue.

Note that, the result that you want to achieve depends upon the thickness of the sound absorbing layer. Sometimes, one to two inches is just enough. The sheets of sound barrier are place over the entire wall surface. But also located in the wall, soffit or built it. Another option is to place them inside panels. 
Although, wrapping a fabric around a panel is a solution, we do have other ideas. For a custom finish the fabric is stretched directly to the wall. We create panels to suit the wall and fabric width. Furthermore, the portfolio has images of rooms using fabric wall to wall.
Our company still provides clean edge walls as we use our famous tracks to hold the fabric.

Ask for home theater services.

VETHOMAN installs custom made fabric panels using various types of sound absorbing materials. But if you prefer a more tailored finish, we advise for a wall to wall option. So, keep in mind that the room will sound good but will look good too. Another perfect place to have acoustical home walls is the master bedroom.

Regarding the fabrics, we offer a wide selection of sound transparent cloths. Since the last few years, a big effort is made to improve these fabrics. There is a wider variety of pattens and textures. Sometimes, we can hardly make the difference between the two. Some fabrics absorbe the sound while others reflects.

For commercial project, we have alternative products such as FabriTRAKĀ® SYSTEMS. We cover the south Texas up to the coast. Architects and builders are welcome with their projects.

To conclude everyone is welcome.
Whether your project in residential or commercial, feel free to contact us. Ask for acoustic home theater walls services. VETHOMAN is installing custom made fabric panels on site or fabric wrapped panels. We have various types of sound absorbing materials and it includes sound transparent fabric too.

  • Project types are Home Theater residential, Commercial space, podcast, recording studio, conference rooms
  • Technical fabric used sound transparent fabric from specialized manufacturers
  • Acoustical solution Various types of sound abatement board
  • Thickness of products from Ā½" to 4"
  • Types of installation to suit the space, Wall to wall, panels effect and fabric wrapped panels