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FABRIC WALL PANELS: Simple clean edges

Fabric wall panels in a home

Fabric wall panels is a simple way for adding color and texture to a flat surface. I am about to show you how we upholster panels without stapling the fabric. This solution presented today has several advantages. It is a superior finish compare to wrapping the fabric around a frame. The work is done by facing the panel at all time.

fabric upholster wall

To begin, fabric wall panels have a very clean finish with edges free from welts, or braids. In fact, the fabric stretches on a slim track and can be easily change in the future. But, before I carry on, you may decide to add a cord around the perimeter once the installation is complete. It’s up to you.

The fabric is install within the wooden frame or section that you have on a walls. Most of time these frames fit directly on the sheet rock or even wood boards. Common spaces where we have seen upholstered panels are in an office, a home theater, a library or hallway or in a bedroom. The wooden frame is of various species of wood and an average 3 inches wide.

The layout of each section is define by the heights and width of a wall. Also by the openings in a room. Sometimes the panels are only the upper or lower section of a wall.
One important thing to remember is to keep the width of a panel narrower than the width of the fabric. Unless the textile selected is a simple weave that works both ways. This means the fabric stretches horizontally or railroad. It is best to ask a professional to confirm that it is possible to do so.

Requirements for Panels?

A standard installation has a track system around the perimeter of each frame or molding, a padding and a fabric.
Our company recommends to keep the base of a molding at least ⅜” in depth. The reason for this request is simple. All 3 elements, tracks, padding and fabric take ¼ inch in thickness.

However, we can increase the thickness and adapt the finish wall to the desire size to fit a molding. Again, tell us about your molding depth in advance to avoid any surprises.

For example, a room such as an office has special requirements. If the sound bounces too much on the walls, it is not ideal!
The solution is adding acoustical boards behind the fabric to absorb the noise. In case of home theater, a more serious approach is to place the acoustical materials in the walls. It is usually a builder that takes care of acoustics.

What if the future fabric panels have a curve shapes? Would it be possible for us to install our tracks? Yes, it would.
In fact, the track is so flexible that we can do radius and follow the movement of the frame.

To summarize, the track system use by VETHOMAN offers design flexibility and precision fit in your project.

Below is a dining room completely upholstered with fabric wall panels. The two opposite walls are divided in 5 equal panels size. For the wall with the windows fabric wall panels are narrower. The fabric is a light linen print in yellow bringing a little sunshine in the room.

fabric upholstered panels
Hollie Sutherland,CT

Meanwhile if you are ready with your fabric wall panels project, tell us about it.

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