What type of wall covering could we have in these areas?
Several type of finishes are possible in hallways, corridors and entrances. Like a powder room, those spaces are the most visited by your guests. Having the correct and elegant wall finish is something to think about. Browse through the slider for fabric wall covering ideas in such areas.

In general, corridors, galleries or hallways have little natural light or none at all. Their shapes or designs are in some cases amazing even stunning. Some don’t allow for much furniture.

Indeed, these open areas are an introduction room and they should not be neglected. After all, entrances are the first room to the house. A welcoming space who set the style to the interior of a home. A home has a main entrance and sometimes several hallways. We name them as corridor, passage, arcade. They lead to the next room such as a formal dining room, a master bedroom. For this reason, we should take good care of these walls and not negate them.

More images of open spaces with fabric on walls

When going through the sliders, you will see a solid red wool cloth by Holland and Sherry. This excellent company make beautiful woven textiles. Also, other types of installation are possible. A corridor may have fabric wall panels with nice moldings as a frame. Or just have a normal wall to wall upholstery. The fabric stretches from baseboard to crown molding.
If wood paneling is present, then the cloth begins at the wainscoting and stops at the crown molding. The height of these spaces may vary greatly. In some cases, the ceiling is included in the process and upholstered with the same fabric. Entrances, hallways, or passages may have the same type of treatment. Textured fabric is the key to success.

In fact, we have enjoy working with all these upholstery fabrics. And when you have selected your fabrics, let us know. We will tell you if it works for wall covering.

In the past, we had the opportunity to work with some of their fine wool cloth. We stretched this particular fabric in a corridor and hallway. I let you find the picture of this camel color cloth among the photos presented in this slider. The entrance has very nice pointed arch doorways.

Finally, if you wish to get more information. Feel free to watch some of our videos on wall upholstery. Also, all the rooms have fabric stretch on walls without decorative braids.
Contact us for any questions you may have on a new project. Tell us about your fabric wall covering ideas.

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