Are you dreaming of upholstered walls for a bedroom?
Do you need a change or an upgrade?

Here is an idea of what you can expect when a room has a printed fabric on the walls. This short video shows the room with bare walls. White paint before the wall upholstery and after the fabric is applied to the four walls.
The fabric selected is a blue flower print on a of white background.

What you see is a different type of installation from the standard wall upholstery with cords or braids. While other use staplers to attach the fabric, we do not.
Our fitting is a clean edge track installation keeping the bedroom walls simple around the room. Actually, 99.9% of the photos in this website have the same type of finish.
In addition, I believe this particular fabric is still available. Here is a link to view the printed Nassau toile online from Williamsburg Fabric collection. In fact this item is an affordable fabric. There are many similar patterns to this one in fabric retailer store.

Additionally to the video, you can look at other examples of bedroom walls in the portfolio; accent wall or the whole bedroom with wall upholstery. It is fashionable to have the entire wall behind the bed. The back wall becomes a huge headboard.

View our upholstered wall bedroom video and let us know what you think.
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  • Fabric Canvas, cream with blue printed flowers
  • Fitting technique Clean Edge System track