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Fabric accent wall: Bedroom design ideas

Since the beginning of the year 2019, fabric accent wall is the subject of an increasing number of posts on social media website. The most favored space is the bedroom. Furthermore, bloggers write about TEXTURED WALLS, such as three-dimensional decors made from all type of materials.
It is true that by adding a feature wall to a bedroom, you can make a big impact with minimal effort. Not only does it add depth and texture to the space, but it can also serve as a focal point and enhance the overall design of the room.
Come and take a look at some creative feature wall ideas and get inspired to update your own.

As you may know, my speciality is wall upholstery. I will talk about my favorite subject and show pictures of fabric walls in several bedrooms further in this article. Before, I will go over other type of materials to have on a feature wall. As mentioned today, I focus mainly on bedroom wall. But you may see other room too.

Hard surface on single wall

For the last couple of year, there is a new generation of vinyl which is very much present on the market. It is made to imitate various kind of finishes. It can be bluffing from a distance. And it is just overwhelming because there are so many types. Still most of times, it is very modern in the design. Some are from metal or ceramic tiles, others new wood moldings or reclaimed wood panels. Some promote their ecological products.

accent wall in bedroom

One material which have been used for much longer is reclaimed wood. For instance, this application is seen on the bedroom feature wall behind the headboard. Also in shared spaces like restaurants and private businesses. Recycle wood seams to be in favor of the public.
Actually some 3D vinyl imitates wood quite well. So you may want to consider the convenience and versatility of 3D vinyl that can beautifully imitate the look of real wood. This idea is best for space in a home like a kitchen or a bathroom.

Wall covering with paper

After looking at these options above, let’s talk about fabric with a paper backing. Another idea for an accent wall.

A little while ago, I read a short article in Forbes written by Becky Harris from Houzz. She goes over ten different ideas of finishes for fabric accent wall.
Manufacturers have recently made significant strides in creating new types of textiles with paper backing. Now available for customers looking for a high-quality and unique option for their products. These textiles offer a visually stunning addition to any product looking to stand out in a crowded market. But paper backed means that the fabric is glue to the wall. Yes, it is a type of finish which is very popular. I strongely believe we have not seen the end of it yet.

After all, patterns are fine and designs are beautiful too, but it is foolish to think that the result is the same.
Wall upholstery is not that simple. The padding is the key.
I do get regular phone calls. Would we install fabric paperbacked? My answer is short, we do not.

We do stretched fabric on wall with a track system and add soft layers of padding underneath the fabric. Even though paperbacked fabrics have texture and relief, it is a complete different finish compare to wall upholstery.
To my opinion it is sad to see beautiful fabrics flat onto walls. A fabric glued onto a surface looses it’s dimensions and softness. It is very apparent. May be not so much on picture. Take my word for it.

Fabric accent wall ideas!

It is now time to talk about fabric wall upholstery.

Types of fabric finishes

Wall upholstery may be accomplished in ways to form various design on a wall. Each design differs with upholstered shapes and depths. Here are a few examples of fabric accent wall. View the pictures below.

For one thing, these panels effect can be achieved with a fabric system called Clean edge system™. A fabric stretches on a wall to as wide as you wish. The next 6 images have one thing in common, a simple edge.

The fact is the most popular room upholstered is the bedroom or guest bedroom, Then, comes the dining area and living room. In the dining room, the fabric has 3 widths sewn together to form a single panel.

Let’s be creative!
Wall upholstery- shaped fabric design for wall

What if we could replace the straight lines by other shapes like this one shown on the right.

With the flexibility of Clean edge system™ track all shapes are now possible even curve movement. Indeed, this is a great bonus because, C.E.S open doors to new design ideas. For example,check out the crescent shape. This sample is made for you to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of this product. Given these points, does it give you an idea for a fabric accent wall?

The next feature wall is in a Pierre Frey fabric. The fabric in this space is install by us.

bedroom fabric walls
Feature wall in a bedroom – Published Veranda magazine in Dec.2016
feature wall ideas in wall upholstery
Simple white accent wall. The fabric is a white velvet with a light embossed horizontal lines.

I presented several decors for master bedrooms or guest bedrooms. Each fabric accent wall is different from one another. There are many more pictures that I could show but I shall stop here. I have just given you a start. I leave you to imagine a decor. Create, don’t be shy. By all means, you can adapt an idea to make the perfect fabric accent wall. Also, don’t limit yourself to a bedroom, try other space in your home. Find a feature wall and start searching for fabrics.
Did you know that you have the option to add acoustical boards behind the fabric.

The last picture of a fabric accent wall in a medium size room. A very busy pattern with bright colors.

Enjoy the vibrant colors on this fabric by R. Kaufman Upholstery by VETHOMAN

Back in time

Before I conclude this article, let me tell you historical fact. Did you know that wall application is not new at all. All these new three dimensional finishes for walls invented from all kind of artificial or recycle materials are nice of course. I have nothing against recycling goods. But wall upholstery with applications was already present in homes in Europe centuries ago. Bedrooms were particularly ornate. Fabric was around the bed centuries ago to keep cold draft away. In some cases, the bed was placed in an alcove also surrounded by upholstery fabric such as canopy, draperies, headboard and wall upholstery. May be I should write more on this topic another time.

However, look carefully at the picture with rococo style interior. Notice inside the alcove; walls have delicate interfacings of curves and counter curves. Regardless of our present technology, no one will achieve such beautiful work ever again.