You will see fabric ideas in masters, guest bedrooms or children’s room.
In our opinion, If there is one room in the house which needs wall upholstery, it is the master bedroom. It is a popular space to enjoy fabric on walls. In fact these images give creative ideas to transform a bedroom.
For example, a single wall upholstered behind the bed works very well in bedrooms. Also, you have the possibility of a wall to wall upholstery or with a panel effect.

Stylish walls

The truth is after a long day of work, and family time, it is essential to relax, unwind in your own space. Why not in a warm and friendly atmosphere! So, women consider wall upholstery in their bedroom.
View stylish bedroom walls. Get some colors and texture ideas for upholstered walls like yellows, greens, blues. We present large panel of fabrics from checks to monkeys, flowers and much more.

Creative ideas for a bedroom

When it comes to decorating a bedroom, the starting point is often the walls. A wall surface represents a big area. The question remains the same each time. Is this fabric good for the room? Our suggestion would be finding interiors with fabric on walls already in place.

This website is full of pictures taken by us just after we have finished installing the fabric. That is why the majority of the rooms are not furnished.  So, enjoy some stylish bedroom walls. Remember to contact us for any question you may have concerning your future room. In the meantime, we answer some of your questions, read the FAQ.
What fabric will you choose to transform the bedroom walls?

Wall upholstery in the child room is also an interesting choice. Please note, these bedroom projects have clean edge wall upholstery installation. With an exception of one bedroom with a cord around the arch, they all have clean edges.

Often clients tell us how wonderful it is to have wall upholstery in their bedroom. You have to experience it. Then, you might start to think of other rooms that could have wall upholstery too.

Don’t forget to visit our boards on Pinterest at Fabric on walls to view more bedroom fabric ideas.

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