• What is an upholstered wall?
  • What does it look like?

First of all, fabric on wall, wall upholstery or upholstered wall, it is all the same. Since, the fabric is fixed permanently to the wall and stretched from side to side. Almost, all fabric starts from the floor and end at ceiling. This “wall art” was born in Europe several century ago.
V.E.THOMAN specializes in this trade, fabric upholstered walls.  Some companies fits the fabric with thousands of staples. Then, hide them with decorative flat braid.  While others have thick snap tracks with sticky tapes.

  • How is the fabric attached to the walls?

Actually, a fabric is traditionally stapled to the wall. And fortunately with progress the majority of installers use different track systems. But, our company uses a completely different system. Moreover, we have updated the fitting and installation technique. V.E. THOMAN has a unique fabric system making Clean Edge wall upholstery. The best answer is to watch this video upholstered walls, step by step.

  • What is Clean Edge fabric Installation?

It is a track system that eliminates the use of decorative treatment by the wooden frames. The fabric finishes and stop against the molding. Consequently, making edges free from any braids after the installation is complete. VE THOMAN has a track called CES or Clean Edge System™. This track fits all around the room and by all the openings. Watch closely at the video. CES makes remarkable installation.

More video upholstered walls to see on YouTube.

In fact, this track system is used without any problems on walls and ceilings. You may want to see more rooms upholstered. Visit our portfolio to view installations room by room. All type of fabrics are present, solid colors, printed and woven patterns.

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  • What does wall upholstery looks like? See videos and portfolio
  • How is the fabric installed on the walls? With our track system called C.E.S