Studies or reading spaces are ideal for wall upholstery. View several office library room ideas in the slider. The most used fabrics seem to be the ton on ton fabrics such as damask, or small stripes. Today, we find many damask fabrics to suit different style of interiors and budgets. All libraries and studies have bookshelves painted or stained in light or dark colors. It seems most of time, walls in those spaces are on the darker side of the palette color, deep blue, aubergine, bronze, carmine. Or completely the opposite would be palette from beige to gold colors.

In modern and eclectic interiors, homeowners like very much simple upholstered walls. The idea is to have elegant room without fancy fabric trims by the edge of moldings. VETHOMAN offers this type of fabric installation. The name is a clean edge wall upholstery. All pictures presented in this album are rooms upholstered this way. Look closely at the fabric especially by the framing. Enjoy our images of study, or office library room ideas.

If you decide to go for solid color, make sure to get a fabric with texture, relief such as a glazed fabric, wool fabric, a brocade, a taffeta… If your choice go for a classic tartan, here is a link to other albums on Houzz. You will see bedroom walls and ceiling in plaid fabric.

Other tips for your project.


A very important point. Think about how the light will impact the fabric. More precisely see how the light will bring out the details, texture, design of each textile.
Take your time to shop, buy a yard of fabric. Hang it on the wall. Visit your room every so often. Day and night. See how you feel. If you any question, please contact us, we would like to help you with your inquiry.

More photos of office library room ideas, click is see them on Pinterest.

  • Fabric type presented Velvet, Damask, Taffeta, wool, mix fibers
  • Ambiance Calm, warm, elegante