We can make so many wonderful things with upholstery fabric. I love it !

wall upholstery in silk
From the Meyer Konverstion-Lexikon, silk moth or Bombyx Mor

Thousand and thousand of different colors, patterns and textures in this world of fabric. It’s fantastic! I I find some fabric fanscinating, and this interest has always been with me. Without a doubt, I prefer natural fiber; old cotton, linen and silk too.

Upholstery fabrics which are no longer manufactured but found in museums.

I keep going towards the most luxurious materials such as silk, brocade, damask, taffeta, velvet. I am often curious about the fabric’s story.
What is fabric’s composition? How does it feel to the touch ? I collect so many pieces. Let me tell you a little world of upholstery fabric.

upholstery fabric
Soie brochée, dite aussi bizarre. Damas de couleur jaune vieil or embellis par des cartouches de file d’argent, des nénuphars, des grenades, des lis d’eau et une fleur imaginaire

As a matter of fact, Louis XI developed a national silk industry in Lyon. In 1540, Francois I, French King who was a major patron of the Arts, granted a monopoly on silk production to the same city.

wall upholstery fabric woven silk
Joseph Marie Jacquard (1752-1834) play an important role. Developing the earliest programmable loom

Actually, I would have loved be a mouse seeing all these beautiful upholstery fabrics been woven and transformed in the workshops. See them used in many lavish interiors. Many palaces in Europe have amazing decoration. For example, in Versailles, there are rooms after rooms of wonderful fabrics on furnitures, draperies and coördinated walls.

But, you don’t have to go so far. While visiting the Metropolitan Museum in New York, go the European decorative art section. You will see many rooms completely French from top to bottom with interior decoration from late 17 and 18 century . Furthermore,in the part of the museum, I saw an exquisite upholstered dog house, placed underneath a window. It belongs to Marie-Antoinette furniture’s inventory. She has this unique dog bed made for her “royal doggies’.

Some years ago, Eric was working for a renowned decorator in Paris, France La maison Brazet. A very similar piece of furniture came into his hands in the need of a make over…

Upholstered dog house
French Dog house

Of course, the old frame needed re-gilding completely. On the outside, the fabric was replaced by a beautiful blue velvet silk embellished with decorative trimming. Then, an elegant cord follow the edges of the bicolor striped taffeta inside the niche.

Upholstery fabric; an old story.

dog house built by VETHOMAN
Dog house built by V.E. THOMAN

My interest in upholstery fabric, furniture and colors started when I was visiting my grandparents for the summers.  Completely surrounded by a smell of beeswax, the decor was traditional. Draperies and furnishings were colorful which included tassels and fringes. Not to mention the decorative objects plates on the walls. So, I started collecting scraps of materials around that time. Re-use fabric for making pretty clothes or objects.
This passion for sewing beautiful things with precision dates from the time spent at my grandmother’s house. Not only, she respected and cherished the classic value of the past. But also, embraced the skills and the new ideas of the present. Ethics I have kept. And today, these principles are present at VE THOMAN, in all projects.

Our world of upholstery fabric today

After upholstering an antique dog house mentioned just above, we decided to build one. For one thing, it’s not only a dog house but a piece of furniture too as it is 44 inches tall.
Upholstery fabric covers completely the solid wood. The frame is wrapped with real leather on the outside and embroidered silk on the 4 panels.

In addition, if you wish to see more frames made by traditional craftsman, visit vethoman.blogspot. Detail of the wood carvings are superb. Upholstery fabric is of excellent quality too.

At the present time, I am still working with fabrics covering large wall surfaces. I contribute in installing wall upholstery. It is a fascinating experience seeing transformation of a space. As well as watching yards of upholstery fabric stretched on walls. Moreover see a client happy with beautiful wall upholstery.

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